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La Bonne Crepe is a traditional, artisanal creperie based in Bristol. We make authentic and tasty crepes with a smile and share a good time with our customers.

Established in 2007, La Bonne Crepe is a popular fixture for small and local events, Christmas Markets to large festivals such as Glastonbury & The Secret Garden Party. We have also created several pop-up creperies in different pubs around Bristol.

We are also a founding member of Bristol Eats, an award winning street food collective promoting healthy, quality, local street food from around the world at reasonable cost in Bristol.


Our batter is freshly made to order and in front of the customer. We make the batter ourselves, from scratch, and with love!

Crepes and Galettes are the perfect food theatre as people enjoy watching their foo;d being made. As in Brittany – where crepes originated – our savoury crepes – or Galettes – are made with Organic buckwheat flour (wheat, gluten and dairy free), while our sweet crepes are made with Organic wheat flour. We are also able to offer a vegan option or a full vegan menu if required

All our fillings are specially chosen for their quality and assembled following traditional recipes.

We use Fair-Trade, organic, local products whenever possible:

  • Our bananas, sugar and chocolate are Fair-trade.

  • Our chocolate sauce is gluten-free.

  • Our eggs are Free Range and laid by happy chickens.

  • Our vegetables, ham, cheese are sourced locally.

  • We avoid products containing E numbers and artificial colorants.

  • We buy in bulk to avoid all portion sachets (e.g. sugar)

  • We try to avoid big brands.

  • We are now able to offer a full vegetarian and Vegan menu if required.

All our food packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly and most of our waste is recycled. We use eco-friendly cleaning products recognised by Environmental Health Officer. We have a proven track of trading at events where sustainability is essential. We keep improving our processes to limit our impact on the environment and increase our ethical credit.

In addition to the crepes, we also serve Fair-Trade tea and hot chocolate, Fair-Trade and Organic coffee from Sumatra, latte and cappuccino, and cold drinks.


La Bonne crepe is available for private and corporate events. La Bonne Crepe is the perfect addition to a successful event offering a popular, original and unique product. Your guests will be entertained: people love to watch crepes being made.

  • We offer an authentic taste of crepes and galettes.

  • We offer good value for money and provide 2 or 3 hours of live cooking.

  • We can serve you indoor or outdoor with professional crepiers.

  • We are fully insured and work on safe and certified professional equipment.

Please contact us using the form below to discuss your requirements.

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La Bonne Crepe is the perfect for weddings.  We offer something different for your special day and we can cater for the evening food or the wedding breakfast.

 We usually offer 3 hours of live cooking with people being served as many time as they like. We usually require a minimum of 80 guests but we will consider less if it is in Bristol area.

You can order sweet crepes only or sweet crepes and galettes (savoury crepes). Here is an idea of the menu:

Galettes (savoury crepes, gluten/wheat/dairy free. Contains trace)

  •      La classique: egg, Cheddar, Ham.

  • Popeye: Fresh Spinach, Red Onion, Avocado, Cheddar

  •  Crepes (sweet and yummy)

  • Sunshine:   Fresh lemon juice and sugar

  •  Oullala: Nutella or dark chocolate sauce

  • Bananarama:Nutella and banana

  • Bee s Favourite:Honey, Almond, Banana

  • Canadian Goose:Maple syrup and walnuts

  • Crepe Suzette: Grand Marnier and sugar


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